Lex Braes

Kayoko Nakajima - Improv Kinetic Movement, Brooklyn Studio, 2012

Improvisation drawing and Improvisation dancing.

A collaboration that began back in February 2012 when Kayoko Nakajima modern dancer invited Lex Braes visual artist to participate with her improv movement sessions. At that time Kayoko was making, with her then Dance partner Carly Czach. Lex was one of 10 other artists to practice and experiment and just see what could come out of such practices.

In June 2012 Kayoko approached Lex to see if he’d like to continue experimenting with collaboration, so began the working process as posted here. Decisions were found or arrived at though a trial and error working practice, based on feeling good or feeling right verses any logical determination, so listening to our respective bodies. Both kinetic practices are informed by body rhythms routines that the body or ourselve’s recognise as right or true to our deeper personality rather than any adopted persona behaviour attitude.

Space is held vital to both artists as they as simply as they can, go about their own personal practices, and by doing so, feed each other’s passion and inspire further commitment focus abstract clarity and individuality.

We arrived at a few conditions after several practice sessions and experimentation with time duration. Meeting once a week since September, sessions consist of seven 3 minutes of drawing followed by 3 minute dancing and so on.