Lex Braes

Annie Wang - Performance

SHOW ROOM presents FULL CIRCLE, a piece that unites the work of Annie Wang and Lex Braes. For a ten month period, these two artists have collaborated in a zone between painting and dance, using prompts from one another as inspiration. Over time, the physical motions of Wang have become the spatial equivalent of Braes' line drawings. Now the two merge in this performance, Full Circle, which presents the meeting point of their explorations. Their gestures seem to follow, then skip in and out of, and even swing at times, to a backdrop of sound, the Pauline Oliveros composition The Fool's Circle.

Here, the performers let the brush drawings and dance motions inform each other as the score, rather than relying on a third and more distinct element. As it happens in real time, the performance will be a unique event allowing both forms to dissipate and then return again in a cycle. In its creation of motifs and phrases through erasure and repetition, and in its separate yet re-enforcing energies, the performance comes to echo the artistic process as a whole.

stills from video of Full Circle live performance 20 Nov 2014
Show Room Gowanus